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seeing Tony Khan trending was the best reddit meme format

im so proud of my stupid robot daughter hehe

THIS SATURDAY at 630 PM central time, STAR WARS SATURDAY is back on !

I will be beginning my canonical Kotor 2 playthrough for you all to watch! Come experience the best star wars story ever told.

tonight I get total cosmic god powers for exactly 45 seconds and then countless hours in battletech but its so sincere and interested lmao
REMINDER to sign up for FEDICIDE, the Free for All Regicide Diplomacy match hosted on Age of Empires 2 DE on 6/26!

Betray your friends and enemies alike! Snipe kings! Take part in some friendly competition with prizes!

It will all be streamed over on

Amazon Deforestation Reveals Tribe Of Isolated Rich Sociopaths Completely Untouched By Consequence

@vrorgia fuck geese tbh they are the worst fucking bird I hate geese

Reply to this post if you want to sign up for fedicide on Saturday 6/26th!

Fedicide is a free for all regicide diplomacy event played in aoe2 DE

@ georgia LeBron soldier 13s with that as long as nation states are a communist plot to disrupt our combat readiness
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Lizards Live!

Lizards Live! was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.