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"These Imperial tax collectors have really started to get on everyone's nerves. Haven't seen the local one in a while, though...not that anyone is complaining."

sending power to georgia instead of gokus spirit bomb sorry bud get frieza yourself next time

@vriska Gamers had no idea they were jumping right into the gears of a machine. Extremely online consensus crafters have never had a group out of nowhere say "fuck you", and being able to bury them was a power trip, which explains modern journalism. Liberals are just liberals, they regurgitate what those above them say.
Like with most things, the further up you go, the closer you are to the source of the problem.

i should buy some high waisted black pants and crushed velvet button down shirts

gg caused apocalypse but it was the match on the powder keg. same shit could've happened about any other topic. a lot of these people were fucking ready to go off, they just needed a reason to synchronize

i dont blame gamers or liberals even though i think both are stupid fucking hills to die on

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the ones most at fault for gamergate were mainstream media journalists who decided to call trolls "bad faith actors" btw.

gamergate was the most damaging thing that happened to the collective human western psyche since martin luther invented Protestantism

people spent too long saying gamergate was just some stupid bullshit no one in their right mind should care about (true in theory) but that ended up destroying western civilization so

the phantom, exterior like crocodile alligator

interior like chevrolet movie theater

if you have ever used your fingerprint or face to log into an iphone you are 100% on at least 2 government registries

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Say no to all surveillance, say no to all recording without express consent, say no to face recognition software and biometric identification for electronics.

@vriska poor children don't know why the daddy is taking so long to get milk and cigarettes
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Lizards Live!

Lizards Live! was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.