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has anyone noticed the selly-etser wattd field on this post?

that guy from nottingham who told me chip cob was proper was having a laugh

going to throw a hand grenade at my english followers

whenever i post on here I imagine we're all at a very nice garden party somewhere together and I'm flitting between conversations saying hey to everyone and taking in the atmosphere

i have met so many internet friends who are put off that I have friendly conversations with uber drivers/random dudes on the street/everyone

if you hang out with me in real life I need to warn you now that I will force you to act normal and be in public like a regular human being, and I also talk to strangers a lot so if that makes you uncomfortable, maybe dont be a nerd

@why you n bell should come over here someday when my mom wont flip out if I invite people over (covid reasons)

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lmao my delivery tracker bugged out and is showing the guy driving straight into a lake

everyone stop posting and come over to my house to drink tequila on my deck with me

keeping the party going with fancy mexican food and craft tequila baby

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Lizards Live!

Lizards Live! was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.