Oh, by the way, if anyone would ever like a tarot reading, I'd be happy to provide my services ^^

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@Moon I would love to do one for you. When you think of what you want to know or what questions you have or what you're curious about, even if it's just a more general thing, dm me ^^

@vriska @Moon Rather than expand the thread and potentially be disappointed, I choose to live in fantasy and believe you're talking about babies.
@Moon @vriska Let's hire voiceover pete to do an AD for 25-25 year old asian girls wanting a husband

@vriska oh thats neat! ive been thinking about getting into tarot recently tbh

@animeirl dm me what it is you want to know/questions you have/your intention when you know what you're looking for

@vriska I'd be interested to hear if youjo senki is getting a second season this year.... and if that season will be any good.

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