@vriska less people incarcerated? nonsense! do you have any idea how much money and J o b s prisons bring to the economy

@chjara it's ironic because unemployment is apparently too low (yes that's a thing I guess) but we're lazy and not working hard enough for some reason? @vriska

@vriska to be more precise that 400+ for the usa is 698

@vriska@lizards.live MURICA is the BEST COUNTRY, we are the FREEST because we catch ALL THE CRIMINALS and LOCK THEM UP, leaving the rest of us free to FEAR COPS because the ones that don't get LOCKED UP get SHOT instead!!! OH BEAUTIFUL FOR SPACIOUS SKIES

This is mostly due to a specific category of people. I don’t even need to specify, I’m sure.

@bot you mean private prison owners who directly stand to profit from mass incarceration who fund politicians who's interest it would be in to jail demographics that won't vote for them????

I agree that private prisons are a problem, but their owners are not provoking said demographic to commit crimes.

@bot @vriska that might be true, but they're contributing to socioeconomic conditions which create an increase in crimes, and creating personal financial incentives for law enforcement to arrest and charge people with crimes

There have been a few scandals like that, sure. But this mysterious unnamed group does in fact commit a lot of crime, with real victims. They aren’t sent to prison for smoking marijuana or even outright stealing of hundreds of dollars of goods, which is now commonplace and practically legal in some states like California.

@bot @vriska that type of thing is going to continue, for as long as the system incentivizes that type of behavior

@vriska what if we invent laws for things and then we deliberately try and get those people to do those things and then when they do them we get free slaves and they make mcdonalds worker uniforms for 15 cents per hour :)

(in state prisons not private ones)
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