I ran into Gleason at a whole foods in LA the other day. I told him that I was a big fan and that it was cool to see him, but I didn't want to bother him by asking him for an autograph or wasting his time.

"Oh? like youre doing now?" he snapped. I was taken aback and was about to apologize, but he kept cutting me off, closing his hand in front of my face and going "huh? HUH? huh?" then he walked away laughing


Later while I was checking out, I saw him try to leave the store with like 15 vegan sausage substitutes. the cashier told him "sir you have to pay for those" but he pretended like he didnt hear. Finally, he sighed and returned to the cashier. She tried to scan them, but Alex made her scan each sausage individually, he said to "prevent electrical infetterance" then he winked at me. I dont even think thats a real word

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@vriska when someone used that copy pasta for you in 2016 I was like, woah, Vriska must be a big deal.

@vriska I was so new to to the fediverse, I have no idea. I just remember you telling me I was dumb, I admitted I was, and then you followed me. :-P

@vriska that's very kind of you. I'm more of a "Reply Guy" as I'm not that original. I'm just glad I'm not as bad as that spaz who tagged you all the time and bitched endlessly about degeneracy. Hope that guy got help or learned about alcohol.

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