@vriska I can't say I remember my experiences with sleepovers.
I THINK I had some?

@dhfir it was my only form of socializing until i was like 14honestly

@vriska @dhfir i've never been on a sleep over, i thought they were a meme made up for movies and tv honestly

@Arcana @dhfir @vriska in this context, "word" could be interpreted in a similar fashion to "for real?".

@Arcana @dhfir @vriska you know what i thought was a weird tv thing for the longest time? wearing shoes inside your house. there are people that do this??? don't your floors get dirty???

@socks @dhfir @vriska i mean, i'll take my shoes off when i get to my room to relax, if you aren't going out no need to wear shoes, but i don't immediately take them off when i enter the house, nor would i expect to take them off when visiting somebody else's house unless i was spending the night there

@Arcana @dhfir @vriska that's so weird to me, here people would kick you out of the house if you did that
probably because where I live there's snow on the ground for like half the year, so you'd be tracking in mud and snow if you did that

@socks @dhfir @vriska where is where you live? i have heard of people taking their shoes off in the house but generally those are very posh people

@Arcana @dhfir @socks i grew up poor and we never had shoes on in the house unless we were like assembling furniture and using nails in the basement

@vriska @dhfir @socks the only person i ever knew to do it here was my mum's ex husband's mother who was a teacher and thus very middle class and very stuck up (she looked down on my family a lot and actively encouraged her son to cheat on my mum)

other than that, people just keep shoes on when visiting places

@Arcana @dhfir @socks i always just ask when im in peoples houses but i feel like im being rude if i have shoes on indoors unless someone tells me i can or should

@vriska @dhfir @socks what did you do in schools and such? did you have to take off your shoes in class too?

@Arcana @dhfir @socks oh gosh nah not in public school, we did in my pre-school thing though

@Arcana @dhfir @vriska We had indoor and outdoor shoes when I was in elementary. Outdoor shoes were boots that you could stomp around in the snow and get dirty in, but you were expected to take them off and put on your indoor shoes when you came inside from recess.

@Arcana @dhfir @vriska If you didn't do that then you would have a horde of small children tracking in this ocean of mud and snow in the school.

@Arcana @dhfir @vriska it never occurred to me that this might not be a thing elsewhere.
off topic but what were the criteria for indoor recess for you guys? here unless it was like -25 C they'd throw you out of the school, and the teachers were like 'i don't care if you can't feel your hands, go outside and get out of my face you little gremlin'

@socks @dhfir @vriska I mean it was called play time here (in primary school, it was break in high school)

Primary school there was “wet play” where even the slightest bit of rain and you just had to sit in your chair quietly for 15 minutes not going outside, and highschool you could always go out during breaks unless the school was on lockdown but you could just hang around in the corridors during break time anyway

@Arcana @dhfir @vriska that's crazy, here the teachers would use any excuse to get you outside and out of their class. they saw it as a way for the hyperactive kids to burn off energy
they don't even call snow days here unless there's like a meter and a half of snow on the ground and you can't physically leave your house to take the bus or a car to school.

@socks @dhfir @vriska we never had snow days but probably because we never get snow

@Arcana @dhfir @vriska that is genuinely tragic, can't imagine a winter without snow
the last time i had a snow day as a kid was when there was so much snow it caused the collapse of a tree onto a powerline near my school, cutting off its electricity
The only reason they called a snow day was because our school didn't have heating in -25c weather, if that didn't happen we still would've been off to class

@socks @dhfir @vriska yeah I’d be interested in experiencing snow some day
@socks @Arcana @dhfir @vriska my school just dosent do snow days anymore. One time there were multiple car accidents and half the students didnt show up because the roads were too dangerous and they just sent out a "whoops, sorry" email about it 2 days later. Of course i still had to bike that day because much to my dismay the sidewalks were salted which meant that even though it was a fucking windy ass snowstorm and cold as fuck there was still the possibility of biking and my parents kicked me outside and told me to go. Then came the issue of not only did half the students not show up, but half the teachers didnt either, so we were just sitting unsupervised for like 4 of my classes. To add to that about halfway through school there was a severe weather alert so they wouldnt let anybody go unless they were sure they were gonna get home safe (eg taking a school bus or getting a ride). So then i had to convince them that some random car parked outside was my mom so they would let me get the fuck home. Then, to put the cherry on top, my bike lock was stuck from the cold and i had to spend a solid 15 minutes trying to get it to open while my twig-like fingers slowly froze.

I just want my snow days back :(
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@Arcana @dhfir @vriska @socks at one of the schhols i went to you weren't allowed indoors during breaks apart from for buying food or going to the library
@snacks @dhfir @vriska @socks my primary school didn’t have a library, and while my high school did it was kept locked at all times and you weren’t actually allowed to go in it

@Arcana @dhfir @vriska @snacks what's the point of having a library if no one can go in it

@socks @dhfir @vriska @snacks I mean I figure it was intended to be used but it was a very rough school, people just trashed stuff for the sake of it so nearly everything was locked away when not in user
@socks @Arcana @dhfir @vriska i remember there was this one wall of the school (im guessing on the inside was the kitchen) that was always kinda warm and there was always at least about 20 kids hugging the wall for warmth

@LucasVL @Arcana @dhfir @vriska i remember on the cold days we would huddle together like penguins in a nature documentary, wearing our poofy ass jackets that made us look like the michelin man

@Arcana @dhfir @vriska I live in canada, but i'm told that it's different in the US. didn't know people keep their shoes on in the house in the UK too.

@socks @dhfir @vriska I mean the UK is literally 4 different countries and the north and south of England may as well be different countries too so your mileage on what is commonly done here may vary heavily

@Arcana @dhfir @vriska it's not really a class thing here, everyone i know does it

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