reminder that there is no marriage equality until disabled people can marry without losing their meagre benefits

@vriska why are people so obsessed with cutting off benefits at every fucking avenue, like im guessing like most other things this has been argued through on the basis that someone could "abuse" those meager benefits without even caring about how much it would actually be "abused" but just the possibility being enough to deny it to everyone? this is something way older than america
people tend to hate people who don’t need it getting benefits more than people like the ones that need it getting help
Tho america makes that
worse with believing people also don’t deserve them

@emilis @potzerus the specific US flavor denial of benefits Im talking about is pretty US specific

@vriska @emilis @potzerus
it's pretty entirely just politicians use to be elected. denying help tends to be net more expensive, never investing in anything so never get returns + more overhead for [denied] rubber stamps

politician finds something to harp on that makes people angry. angry people elect. others copy

works here because no political diversity and high religious participation, but the particular flavour differs from islamic countries etc, yeh, fitted to the audience messaging that builds on itself with time to be unique

@potzerus @vriska “(y) people could abuse (x)” is just code for “i don’t think (y) deserve it”

@vriska @vriska
There should be no marriage equality whatsoever.
It's supposed to be a contract between two people (and their families) regulations responsibilities of creating offspring.
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