@vriska ok. i have uh, mixed feelings about em... huntsmans are okay- wouldnt bother me if they cralled on me. but female redbacks that are too close to me is a KOS however. even if i get karmic debt from it and go to hell, idc, my nervous system is already a mess, the last thing i need is more nerve damage.

@vriska@lizards.live I;m sorry but if that fucker is in my bed and biting me I'm getting the tissue. I don't care too much if they're outside, but if you enter my room, prepare to face the consequences.

@vriska@lizards.live A weird terror struck at J. R. Isidore.

Carrying the medicine bottle into the kitchen, Pris seated herself at J. R. Isidore’s breakfast table. She removed the lid from the bottle and dumped the spider out. “It probably won’t be able to run as fast,” she said, “but there’s nothing for it to catch around here anyhow. It’ll die anyway.” She reached for the scissors.

“Please,” Isidore said.

Pris glanced up inquiringly. “Is it worth something?”

“Don’t mutilate it,” he said wheezingly. Imploringly.

With the scissors, Pris snipped off one of the spider’s legs.

In the living room Buster Friendly on the TV screen said, “Take a look at this enlargement of a section of background. This is the sky you usually see. Wait, I’ll have Earl Parameter, head of my research staff, explain their virtually world-shaking discovery to you.”

Pris clipped off another leg, restraining the spider with the edge of her hand. She was smiling.

“Blowups of the video pictures,” a new voice from the TV said, “when subjected to rigorous laboratory scrutiny, reveal that the gray backdrop of sky and daytime moon against which Mercer moves is not only not Terran—it is artificial.”

“You’re missing it!” Irmgard called anxiously to Pris; she rushed to the kitchen door, saw what Pris had begun doing. “Oh, do that afterward,” she said coaxingly. “This is so important, what they’re saying; it proves that everything we believed—”

“Be quiet,” Roy Baty said.

“—is true,” Irmgard finished.

The TV set continued, “The ‘moon’ is painted; in the enlargements, one of which you see now on your screen, brush strokes show. And there is even some evidence that the scraggly weeds and dismal, sterile soil—perhaps even the stones hurled at Mercer by unseen alleged parties—are equally faked. It is quite possible in fact that the ‘stones’ are made of soft plastic, causing no authentic wounds.”

“In other words,” Buster Friendly broke in, “Wilbur Mercer is not suffering at all.”

The research chief said, “We at last managed, Mr. Friendly, to track down a former Hollywood special-effects man, a Mr. Wade Cortot, who flatly states, from his years of experience, that the figure of ‘Mercer’ could well be merely some bit player marching across a sound stage. Cortot has gone so far as to declare that he recognizes the stage as one used by a now out-of-business minor moviemaker with whom Cortot had various dealings several decades ago.”

“So according to Cortot,” Buster Friendly said, “there can be virtually no doubt.”

Pris had now cut three legs from the spider, which crept about miserably on the kitchen table, seeking a way out, a path to freedom. It found none.

granted I do often make an effort to relocate, it’s on a case by case basis

vriska@lizards.live That's cultural insensitive, most spiders aren't Americans. I don't know if this is also the case the other way around.
@FrancisTyler314159 @mattskala @vriska Yeah some spiders deserve the boot. I let small guys and jumpies live because they don't do anything but pest control.
@BowsacNoodle @mattskala @vriska Same. I know only about 10% of people will get a ulcer from a recluse, but I saw that 10% firsthand from a buddy who got bit putting on his boots. Developed a bad ulcer on his ankle, to the point you could see the bone. Don't need that.
@FrancisTyler314159 @mattskala @vriska Yup. Nothing personnel spiderbros, but widows, recluses, and wolfs get a KOS from me. Wolf spiders I'll ignore if I'm outside, but the house versions are too aggressive to let live.
@chocolatebar @FrancisTyler314159 @mattskala @vriska The tiny ones that are fuzzy and teleport-jump around all the time. They are spooked by people, usually, and they don't try and do creepy things like drop down on you while you're sitting there. We had a ton of these around my house this year.
@mattskala @vriska @BowsacNoodle @FrancisTyler314159 @chocolatebar @mattskala @vriska I'm an all around spider fan, the non venomous ones anyway. spiders are bros and they keep your house tidy of critters who aren't as nice
@graf @FrancisTyler314159 @chocolatebar @mattskala @vriska Heck ya! Free pest control that's totally safe, zero effort, and doubles as a decoration during the month of October!
@graf @BowsacNoodle @FrancisTyler314159 @chocolatebar @mattskala @vriska What you need is house centipedes, they look creepy as hell but they don't bother you and hide most of the time, they literally eat 24/7 and will be the only bug left in your house since they eat spiders too even the really dangerous ones.
@BowsacNoodle @chocolatebar @FrancisTyler314159 @mattskala @vriska My buddy had one of these crawl into his ear while sleeping and had to go to the ER.
@BowsacNoodle @chocolatebar @mattskala @vriska My gf always raves about jumpies, she thinks they're cute, but screams like if someone is trying to murder her when one jumps on her.
@vriska @mattskala @BowsacNoodle @chocolatebar She also threw me a mental curve ball that if insects were more furry (like cats or rabbits), people would would want them as pets. Then I pictured a terrier sized furry cockroach on my shoulder. Yeah nah. God knew what he was doing.
@vriska @FrancisTyler314159 @mattskala @chocolatebar I don't like spindly ones. Widows are not cute. Things with oversized shiny abdomens that look like grapes are also not cute.
@mattskala @vriska @BowsacNoodle @vriska @FrancisTyler314159 @mattskala

> Things with oversized shiny abdomens that look like grapes are also not cute.

Are they edible? Send pics.
@vriska @mattskala @chocolatebar @FrancisTyler314159 To each their own. I let those types live provided they're outside. I like orb weavers because they often look like they have a face on their back.

I have a bunch of spiders in my bathroom, we chill

@vriska here we have a saying that goes “ragno porta guadagno”, which roughly means “spiders bring profit” (except it rhymes)

@vriska no misfortune will befall you asides from slightly more flies in your living space, yet you should not kill a spider. not to evade a curse nor to receive a reward.

@vriska I won't get in your bed, I priomise. spiders do. I don't see them and may squash them ocasionally.
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