Reminder that Reddit was never good and we should have kept bullying people off if it in 2010 and none of this gay shit would be happening

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@vriska Who cares about reddit anyway? It was always the gayer 4chan.

@Zerglingman that's what I always thought too but people never shut up about the horrible gay (bad kind) website

@vriska you can circumvent it via requesting the desktop view and then accepting the adult content warning. it's absolute bullshit
@vriska or teddit or old.reddit, but it's sad reddit replaced the news groups with corporate nonsense
Aaron Swartz didn't kill himself for this
@pleb @kaia @vriska Also, Libreddit. But yeah Reddit sucks balls now, used to use it in 2016, and currently nuked the account as whole.
@vriska @kaia a much better solution indeed, but how will you know about the best opinions of the collective hivemind of reddit then!?

@vriska reddit is completely fucking useless now you can’t say (anywhere on the site) the basic truth about

trans people
jewish history
OP being a faggot

if subreddit jannies don’t ban you for it, the admins will take away their janny permission and ban you anyway.

the only use for reddit is as a bugman zoo

I left reddit around 2014. I regret it took me so long to find the fediverse. I had heard of GNU social earlier but forgot the name and it took a few years to work my way over here.

Worse: it only does it to phone posters. Once you fake desktop you can view it.
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