talking to homeless guy: "So yeah man, like... yeah okay so first get out your phone and- oh wait you, hold on...

@vriska one thing I remember from precovid era at my church is that we had electrical outlets outside of the building and homeless people would use them to charge smart phones

@thatguyoverthere I had a phone when I was homeless but like most people's no service so it was just a "public wifi way to try to get jobs" machine

@vriska when I was homeless cell phones were not what they are today. I had one but it was simple. I guess a regular flip isn't really sold much these days.

@thatguyoverthere you can really only get those at like walmart and the only people i still know who use flips are drug dealers tbh

@vriska @thatguyoverthere the primary market for flip phones is the elderly, even poor people phones now are feature phones.
@Moon @vriska yeah I'm amazed by how disordered the world has become that the homeless are carrying several hundred dollars of tech.
@thatguyoverthere @vriska every homeless person I know has a smart phone, but like vriska said, no service and using wifi
@thatguyoverthere @Moon @vriska

and what you know?!
How simple it is to solve their problems while providing value, rather that a burden for tax payers
@vriska @thatguyoverthere there are multiple ones on that server that just post snippets of other fgedi posts
@vriska @thatguyoverthere The AARP endorses a flip-phone called the Jitterbug that is basically the flip phone of ye olden tyme but digital and with slightly larger buttons

@Moon @thatguyoverthere my grandma makes fun of all of her friends for having to use those, like she doesn't still use fucking America Online as her web client/email

@vriska @thatguyoverthere The Jitterbug has a sizeable minority of customers that simply just want a really basic phone. The only additional feature this phone has beyond call-waiting and voicemail is it has an emergency button if you fall down or something
@Moon @vriska my uncles got my grandparents an iPhone. This seems much better for them honestly. They can't use the iPhone at all. At the end of the day they can barely hear over the phone anyway, but the iPhone I imagine is mostly unused
@thatguyoverthere @vriska my mom has an iphone and she accidentally puts it into accessibility mode all the time and can't turn it off by herself. iphones are not good for old people/
@Moon @vriska no I mean my grandfather was computer savvy compared to most elders I knew when I was growing up, but his monochrome computer days didn't really prepare him for the iPhone. Not to mention everything is so small and their eyes are not what they once were
@thatguyoverthere @vriska oh I'm sorry, I just meant to add that they're not good for a lot of reasons.
@Moon @vriska oh I was agreeing with you. Just didn't put any of the useful punctuation in to help that be more clear haha. Yeah I think they'd be better off with a tablet or something if it's for using video chat or something, and a basic flip phone they can use the way they've used phones for a quarter of their lives.
@thatguyoverthere @vriska yeha I got my neighbor set up with a tablet, she still complains about it all the time but she retained how to use gmail. Her sister got her a laptop and is mad she won't use it but a Windows laptop is just too much maintenance and risk for someone that just wants to facebook and youtube and email
@Moon @vriska I also wish that side of my family would let me pull their comms off of Facebook. I would rather they use my matrix server but "it's confusing" if it doesn't have a corporate logo 🤷
@Moon @vriska I am contemplating setting up a family nextcloud with nextcloud talk which might be a little easier to on board people, but I still think there will be a need to sit down with them and run through things and everyone is "happy" continuing to use the corporate services. I'm also not really aloud around my grandparents any more because I am dirty unvaxxed so onboarding them to anything new is near impossible.
@thatguyoverthere @Moon @vriska >a basic flip phone they can use the way they've used phones for a quarter of their lives.
This is why you can't be too hard on old people ("boomers") for not adapting to the new political paradigm. Web 2.0 has only been around for ~15ish years, the modern web for ~10, while TV has been around their entire lives.
@Moon @thatguyoverthere @vriska There are users that just don't understand smartphones. I've experienced this myself with an elderly relative who dutifully opens the music player on his phone every time he tries to do something (make a phone call, check messages, make a call on Duo, etc.)
@heavensfeel @Moon @thatguyoverthere @vriska

While with binary intelligence, it becomes in the interest of the apples and googles to enhance their revenue stream, and thus possible to giveaway the devices, since the devices make money for the companies then.
@Zyra @Moon @thatguyoverthere @vriska surprising amount of people still like clamshells. especially the people getting away from the dopamine jails of big tech.
@icedquinn @thatguyoverthere @vriska @Moon I desperately want a usable slider with a physical qwerty keyboard like the LG ks365
@Zyra @Moon @thatguyoverthere @vriska the powers that be decided keyboards are cringe now look at all the penis shapes we can cut in the bezel
@thatguyoverthere @vriska @Moon
Older one with KaiOS 2.5. I wonder if it's possible to develop a fedi client for it, I'm sure it is but the keyboard is a pain

@PhenomX6 @thatguyoverthere @vriska @Moon the alcatel v supports bluetooth keyboards... the kaios devices are hit or miss.. I hope kaios 3 addresses this

@Wanyo @thatguyoverthere @vriska @Moon I should get a second KaiOS phone when I can unlock this phone tbh, or get one for a burner for shit like tg.
@Moon @thatguyoverthere @vriska @Wanyo The phones are like $20-30. It also uses a different version of Firefox, especially with KaiOS 3.

Here's a list of the devices to buy and not to buy for development.
@Moon @thatguyoverthere @PhenomX6 @vriska @Wanyo Probably unlikely, ARM isn't a sane platform like x86-pc/macPPC/sparc/… if it's not ported to the device it won't even boot.
And KaiOS is mostly proprietary.
@lanodan @thatguyoverthere @vriska @Wanyo @Moon KaiOS is more or less "Firefox OS but there's no source, the last guy to release the source code dumped like 4000000 other things and had the git shut down with even datahoarder not even touching it and now only has McDonald's as future career prospects, and for flip phones + with newer Gecko on KaiOS 3".
@Moon @thatguyoverthere @vriska the primary market for flip phones is japanese salarymen

@vriska You laugh but do you know how many panhandlers I've gotten to go away by excitedly saying "I'd love to support you on the Blockchain!"

@vriska There are actually programmes dating to the 1980s to get comms to underserved populations --- homelss, veterans, etc.

Not that uptake is all that great. But yes, communications is seen as a fundamental societal need. Occasionally even a right.

@dredmorbius I was homeless for just over 6 months 8 years ago now and man do I know its absolutely fucking vital to do literally anything

the modern world does not work for people who dont have smartphones

@vriska The baselines for rudimentary functionality have been rising across any number of dimensions:

A fixed postal address.
Place to store your own data
Physical storage for all of above
Banking / credit / debit card

... etc.

Above food, clothing, shelter.

@dredmorbius "go get a job" yeah okay and what number will they call me back on lol

Its so wild, and its only gotten infinitely worse for people since 2014 im sure

@dredmorbius @vriska birth certificate, social, state ID, "no not that state, this state"
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