Hundreds of thousands of geocities pages that can talk directly with each other

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@vriska Hundreds of thousands of geocities pages gone, like tears in the rain
@vaartis @vriska didn't yahoo buy it? they probably have them all sitting on an old tape backup somewhere
@vaartis @vriska really? i had a geocities page eons ago. i wonder if its still around
@vaartis @vriska im old enough to have watched this whole thing unfold frim the early days of the internet. you have no idea how we suffered with the technology back then
@meowski @vriska i had dial up and then adsl internet but that was in 2007 or so already, and a metered connection of a few hundred megabytes. internet here came relatively late. so yeah o remember pretty well it being very slow and not being able to use it at the same time as the landline phone. if that is what you mean.
@vaartis @vriska dialup was incredibly slow especially in the early days. at some point when we realized what was possible, and software started to get more bloated, it became frustrating
@meowski @vriska
>then internet was slow because speed was slow
>now internet is slow because the sites are absurdly big
@vaartis @vriska
now there are all kinds of other issues. neighbors streaming multiple 4k video streams, and providers doing sneaky stuff. i just had to switch ISPs because my dsl was doing upstream "burst throttling" and flat out denied it when i confronted them. i would get 5mb/sec for around 2 sec then it would immediately taper off to 350kb/sec

@meowski @vaartis I follow a Tumblr blog that stole those archives and posts one screenshot every day

@vriska @vaartis it just forwards to yahoo now. how do i get to geocities pages?
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