if one country can have nukes every country should be given at least one nuke its only fair

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@chjara obviously, but that's not gonna happen. Pragmatism>ideology

@chjara @vriska bad take, thats like banning all guns and expecting nobodies gonna make them otherwise. better that everyone can threaten each other than allow one evil(america and/or russia) to monopolize
@VD15 @vriska @chjara i am a faggot because i fuck twinks you are a faggot for not liking nukes we are not the same
@VD15 @vriska @chjara i #touched a bitches pussy through jeans in #middleschool i was the farthest away from being gay back then
@vriska every person should have one nuke so that they can be "free"

@vriska I agree, it's very hypocritical for a few countries who developed nuclear weapons first to hoard large numbers of them and to chastise every other country who is working on their first one. Obviously it's better that there are none but present day it's a simple expression of power of one country over another.

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