My book is FREE on amazon from Now until Thursday.

Reminder that downloading this boosts my exposure by pushing me up the rankings :)

We all hate amazon, so, thanks to @georgia you can also get it for free, forever, with no DRM

Please consider clicking download on the Amazon page even if you never intend to use the Amazon version, and most of all, i hope you like it.

@vriska @georgia I'd do it if I had an amazon account (but am not willing to create one for this purpose.

@dhfir @georgia oh are you reading it??? thank you so much! i hope you like it! what part are you on?

@vriska @georgia the bit where kassandra is better at skiing than I was.

@dhfir @georgia i am really happy youre enjoying it :)

please let me know what you think when you are done

@vriska @georgia finished now.
Some might be put off by it's strangeness, but I quite enjoyed it.
I laughed out loud a couple times, before being reminded that there were other people in the house, so then I had some stifled giggles.
@georgia @vriska the book has this just, visceral human element that leaves me asking how much of this is self-insert because just.
There is a person here.
It's certainly not engaging through tension, like most books I've read, but through the absolute... [missing word] of the main character.
@georgia @vriska and like, I wonder how much of that is like, because I kind of know you?
Cuz like, you're autistic, I'm autistic, and kassandra is. Just. Her.
You know.
There's a sense of connection where I'm wondering if it'd be there if I didn't know.
But maybe it would be.
Perhaps it would be different if I didn't know, but I feel like to some degree, and I feel like I've said this before, that there is a piece, or maybe more than a piece, of a human psyche in there, and thay likely won't resonate with everyone, but boy did it resonate with me.

@dhfir @georgia the method of self inserting I did was by giving her my same kind of thinking patterns and mannerisms, so you are pretty close to right about that

Y'know you aren't the first person who's said that about Kassandra being autistic, and while it certainly was not intentional on my part, I def realize now that I know more about that stuff that she totally is

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it, thank you for reading

Also very glad the comedy landed!

@cesare @georgia i work 90 hours a week bubba i will break your fucking back

@meowski @cesare @georgia no I am just incapable of doing anything at all unless I'm multitasking

I also play Football Manager while I work sometimes too

@meowski @cesare @georgia i do actually!

I also do and so the only one im accountable to is myself >:)

@null31 @georgia thanks for giving me the chart boost! enjoy the book as it was meant to be read :)

@vriska @georgia Reading this book made me want to get in my shitbox and drive northeast for a couple weeks on an aimless adventure & commit more small federal crimes. Solid 7 out of 10.
@vriska downloaded it with 3 accounts, hope that helps 👍

@vriska @georgia Sold me at 'Because I am not very good at chess'

@vriska @georgia I am enjoying this, for what it's worth. It's funny.

@vriska @georgia Thanks for writing it an making it available for free. I'll buy a copy when it's back to retail.

@vriska @georgia Got it on Amazon and started on it but it's getting late and I'll continue it not on Kindle. It has a good start though.
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