blender community be like “we’ve got a bazillion video tutorials to get you started!”

bruh where’s my transcript with screenshots? use short animations where appropriate

no way i’m going to listen to your 40 minutes of rambling when the crucial part that i actually need takes like 10 seconds to explain

also every time there’s a new blender release that changes things you have to make an entire updated video, so that’s kinda lame


@mia I fucking HATE tutorial videos as a concept.

Watch 15 minutes of rambling when you could just read three sentences

· · Web · 3 · 7 · 12 also like, you have to plan those tutorials and write a script and everything, or have to do a LOT of cutting afterwards

it’s just baffling that this appears to be the norm

@mia @vriska yeah, a simple text post should suffice, and be better maybe with supplementary videos
@vriska @mia my primary peev is that pacing myself with a video tutorial is really fucking annoying. like when I'm following text docs or something I tend to go off on exploratory tangents in the middle of doing stuff and I can just.....stop scrolling/scroll back/forth. but with a video tutorial I'm having to pause and seek trying to keep my place sane.
@vriska @mia oh and doesn't help that YouTube unbuffers parts of the video you've already watched so seeking backwards is usually very slow
@nik @vriska @mia
they're cool for like video lectures though, when you're coming to a subject knowing absolutely nothing and don't know what even to search for
@nik @mia @vriska
maybe just because here does sound thoughts, though, thinking-in-words

@shmibs @nik @mia the ones that bother me the most are ones for very entry level tech troubleshooting that are 20 minutes long and contain 30 seconds of actual info

@vriska @shmibs @nik @mia let me just blab about stupid shit for like 20 minutes before I get to the info

@vriska There's a time and place for them, videos can get across the sort of implicit knowledge that would get lost in a write-up or outright not make it in (it's *obvious* how to do Y, so I'll just focus on X_Z)

Several-minute tutorials on singular tasks that end up being "How to click a button" can absolutely get fucked though

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