I wanted to be working with big names like Clint Eastwood and Tom Clancy. But you don’t get to choose your own adventure anymore. The movement made sure of that. The Fancy Cape Movement is now entering its euphoria stage-- and for good reason. It’s the most exciting time in the history of sleeveless cloaks. It’s an absolutely idiotic movement. This is the most reckless, most destructive wave of the culture war that has ever been fought. It’s the beginnings of the middle of the end.


i think it's interesting how quickly superheroes pivoted from catching gangsters, to fighting ridiculously exaggerated "supervillains". i would like to think that having a superpowered alien punch the shit out of criminals was no longer seen as a viable form of rehabilitation.

@Nikolai_Kingsley ever since captain america accidentally killed jimmy hoffa they'ved had some rules

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