just seen someone say "feral cats are a symptom of colonialism" like... shut the fuck up. please.

@vriska Imperialism has destroyed the Warrior Cats society.
@vriska are mountain lions considered feral cats?
@vriska every cat's a feral cat if you really think about it.
@triodug @vriska cats are not a domesticated species because the almost all the cats that breed are feral or close descendants of ferals. they are not deliberately bred for domestication in the same way dogs are.

@mono @triodug cats do whatever the fuck they want and more power to them for that

@mono @triodug @vriska cats brought in by people have killed many species to extinction in australia
@vriska @mono @triodug we'll never see a live broad-faced potoroo anymore vriska
@shpuld @vriska @mono the only extinct animal that matters anyway is the Tasmanian Tiger
@vriska @shpuld @mono this is why the koalas have to go. Tired of those doods.
@vriska @triodug @shpuld

confession: I thought roadrunners were a fictional animal until a couple years ago
@mono @vriska @shpuld I remember laughing at you when you told me this. I had a manager from Boston that told me the same thing when I lived innadesert. Hilarious.

@triodug @mono @shpuld Imaginging someone with a boston accent saying shit about roadrunners is funny as fuck

@vriska @mono @shpuld Vreezy you don't understand how hilarious it was. I came back from smoking and told him that there were a buncha road runners outside. He laughed and said "you're joking right?" When I informed him that I was serious he pulled me into his office and made me google road runners for like 2 hours.
@vriska @mono @shpuld *scrolls past looney tunes road runner*


*Scrolls past real road runner*

@vriska Ok, wait, I'm sure I can contrive a stupid rationale for it!

It's colonialism because it's a sign that the western taboo regarding eating cats and dogs was forced upon the native population!

@guizzy no it was some bullshit about how wild cats killing wild animals is colonialism

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