I’m just trolling you, what? Gently I just take this and troll a little, softly. And you are 8ehaving like you don’t understand this. You understand, that I am just trolling you a little, that’s all? I’m not swearing, not calling you names, just trolling lightly.

I didn’t know that you are so sensitive and will react like this is some kind of attack, like I’m aggressive and mean. I am not mean at all, I only trolled a little and stopped. Forgive me, of course, if it seemed to you that it was too strong, 8ut I honestly did not think that this would offend you. I only wanted to slightly troll you, and then stop. Then go do my own things, while you on the other side of the country sit trolled.

@meeper this u right now getting trolled in that cheezit thread

@vriska "8ehaving." The 8 is nowhere near the b. Or are you infinity behaving?

Now I got to troll you a little.

@vriska@lizards.liveExtra virgin olive oil is to slick for the keyboard. I use Bertolli. Ingredients Refined Olive Oil, Virgin olive oil. Great for the keyboard!

Ok, another teeny tiny little troll. :) I'll be good now.

@vriska ohhh i thought it said "i'm just telling you" lmao
I can't decide if this speech should be delivered by Catwoman or Harley Quinn.
@vriska Fucking with people's heads is morally wrong in literally any amount and you should not be doing this to people.

Trolling means intentionally offending someone.
"I didn't mean to intentionally offend you when I very obviously intentionally offended you, then reacted to you telling me to stop by leaning in harder" is the logic of a deranged psychopath.
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