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I’m just trolling you, what? Gently I just take this and troll a little, softly. And you are 8ehaving like you don’t understand this. You understand, that I am just trolling you a little, that’s all? I’m not swearing, not calling you names, just trolling lightly.

Lizard ball. Lizard masquerade. Lizard dandy. Lizard fancy dress party.

I need to get unsick so I can start working out and get my insane leg press max back

I love and support my trans friends but I'm not going to pretend I enjoy fallout new Vegas - the line needs to be drawn somewhere

The open source horse has been acquitted on all charges

Bath: bubbled
Rose sheet facial mask: applied
Francoise Hardy: bumping on the speaker
Candles: lit

weed makes straight people gay and gay people straight

I'm gonna do a spa day today when I get back from this dog walk tbh

remember how when they overturned roe It caused everyone to totally ignore that police were no longer required to inform of you of the rights they pretend to let you have?

hook line and sinker. and of course democrats will never codify abortion because then there would be no reason for anyone to vote for such a loser mentality party

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Both parties do this constantly. There is no better way to be tricked into voting for people who actively wish to impede and infringe on your life than to have to vote for or against abortion

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Lizards Live!

Lizards Live! was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.