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I’m just trolling you, what? Gently I just take this and troll a little, softly. And you are 8ehaving like you don’t understand this. You understand, that I am just trolling you a little, that’s all? I’m not swearing, not calling you names, just trolling lightly.

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you're in her DMs. i'm engaged in a heated discussion with italianamericanfanpage. we are not the same wiseguy

100 dollars that the chiefs win the coin toss, defer to the 49ers, then the 49ers elect to kick anyway

anyone want to make some prop bets on the super bowl

italian american fan page. finally a page for an italian american such as myself. i love it i really do i hope everyone stays safe forever and no one dies

we bringing back vote for pedro shirts this summer

unfortunately, on this platonic male outing at outback steakhouse, my partner has ordered a “blooming onion”, transforming this once casual affair into a romantic tryst

@vriska obviously, on grass blocks at the surface at a light level of 9 or higher with at least 2 block space above, except in Snowy Tundras, Mushroom Fields and variants.

you're in her DMs. I'm sitting on a stool inhaling hallucinogenic smoke making prophecies in Delphi. we are not the same.

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Lizards Live!

Lizards Live! was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.