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my Guitar Hero controller came in the mail and it works *beautifully*... I was really worried about getting a lemon or it just not working as intended, so I'm very very content with this

Star Wars Mouse Droud sounds 10 Hours ASMR

I would not be surprised I ended up breaking my Xbox One controller by playing Clone Hero

I just ordered myself a Guitar Hero controller, specifically the Les Paul model used for the Wii. what year is it???

tfw a game is so shit you can't even uninstall it

I want to work on music but I also want to continue to make a bigfuck wheat field in Minecraft... decisions, decisions

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some art I've done recently. I gotta get back into the swing of regularly drawing because I kind of miss doing it.

my first idea was to do something Disney related, based on a website I used to fervently read in the 90s, but I forgot Yesterland exists and basically is what I would have wanted to make, smh

I have a stupid urge to do some kind of neocities style site, but I have no idea what I would even make for it...

also: hating the way your voice sounds

the problem with wanting to make videos or do some kind of online entertainment thing is that everything's basically been done before, so there's no way to really set yourself apart from the rest

Daft Punk albums in order of good to bad 

Daft Punk albums in order of good to bad 

I found a goddamn fucking woodland mansion in my hardcore survival world, and I am determined to explore and clear it out eventually...

come hang out, I'm exploring my Minecraft hardcore survival world today and hopefully I don't die!

🤔 I should start messing around w/ instance theme/scss again, cause that's a lot of fun to do

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Lizards Live!

Lizards Live! was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.