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the problem with wanting to make videos or do some kind of online entertainment thing is that everything's basically been done before, so there's no way to really set yourself apart from the rest

Daft Punk albums in order of good to bad 

Daft Punk albums in order of good to bad 

I found a goddamn fucking woodland mansion in my hardcore survival world, and I am determined to explore and clear it out eventually...

come hang out, I'm exploring my Minecraft hardcore survival world today and hopefully I don't die!

🤔 I should start messing around w/ instance theme/scss again, cause that's a lot of fun to do

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everyone shouts about vriska but you know who deserves more attention and love? terezi. fuck off im a libra now

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7 years ago: I'm a star wars fan
Now: I'm a Knights of the Old Republic fan

more Minecraft streamin, gonna focus on building/making our place look nice, I think

relaxing and painting my nails before bed, whilst grumpy with the quality of Spyro 2 compared to 1

Spyro 2 is... oof. not great. would be bad of me to skip it and just go straight to Spyro 3? hey thanks for stopping by my stream and hanging out for a bit!

time for some goddamn Minecraft... time to attempt to go to the Nether

shoutout to the time I listened to yodeling for two hours because it was a special "twofer tuesday" thing and I was stubborn and didn't want to turn off my Disney park music radio station


it's for Galaxy's Edge, naturally, but just. the concept that *area music* won a Grammy is KILLING ME

Disney theme park area music won a Grammy tonight and I can't stop laughing

the only good thing Twitter has ever done for me was suggest Cybersix to me. VERY good show.

I'm streaming Minecraft again over on Twitch! come hang out, if you want!

I have an intense craving for tuna and crackers, ughhhh

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Lizards Live! was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.