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Spyro 2 is... oof. not great. would be bad of me to skip it and just go straight to Spyro 3? hey thanks for stopping by my stream and hanging out for a bit!

time for some goddamn Minecraft... time to attempt to go to the Nether

shoutout to the time I listened to yodeling for two hours because it was a special "twofer tuesday" thing and I was stubborn and didn't want to turn off my Disney park music radio station

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it's for Galaxy's Edge, naturally, but just. the concept that *area music* won a Grammy is KILLING ME

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Disney theme park area music won a Grammy tonight and I can't stop laughing

the only good thing Twitter has ever done for me was suggest Cybersix to me. VERY good show.

I'm streaming Minecraft again over on Twitch! come hang out, if you want!

I have an intense craving for tuna and crackers, ughhhh

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BOOST if you think cyber bullying lizards is WRONG!

sorry I'm so talkative about this shit I'm just in a good mood from my stream earlier

as much as I like Epcot, I would much rather have an inspiring show about culture and humanity than "wow isn't old Epcot amazing??? haha yeah all that shit we GOT RID OF!!!"

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god damn I miss the old Epcot firework show. new one's fucking garbage.

@triodug thanks for stopping by my stream dude, I appreciate it!

I'm streaming Minecraft hardcore survival over on Twitch! come hang out!

tomorrow I'm going to start doing an at-least-once-weekly gaming stream, with focus on Minecraft b/c it's the only game I play anymore, apparently. we'll see how it goes, I guess! I'll probably drop a link here, in case anyone wants to watch

gonna try and start using the fediverse more soon, now that I've cleaned out my home timeline a bit...

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