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woke up today, on the day I intended to get a lot of shit done, with absolutely no energy. cool, awesome, appreciate it

am I actually depressed because I stopped writing or is this just seasonal depression finally slapping me in the face

Tonight I finally beat Minecraft for the first time ever

ever since NaNo ended all I've been doing is playing Minecraft, because my brain needs a reset period after all of it

that gif of Will Smith standing in an empty room is my mood today, I guess

the stuff I was working on yesterday burnt me out in just the span of like 8 hours so I need to find something different to do today

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this is why I didn't become a web designer lmfao

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why didn't I know about flex until a few months ago

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aiming to write like 2.2k words tonight, to hit 55k by the end of the night! wish me luck

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I just thought the phrase "logged into bed" and it barely registered in my head that hey maybe that's not how words work

feel like playing a game to celebrate, especially considering I haven't had much time to play a lot of stuff because of NaNo

against better judgement, I will wear my Terezi beanie today

I could reasonably hit 50K tonight, if I sat down and basically only wrote all night long... scary thought!

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