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...I don't get the hype over Scrivener. its appearance/layout isn't very appealing/welcoming, and like... nothing about it makes it that much more special than organizing the info yourself.

might try a demo of that Scrivener program, just to see if it would match my niche desire to organize personal project information (and not have to use a private wiki to do so)

Facebook apparently has a fucking where, if you unblock someone, you can't block them again until 48 hours has passed. like, what fucking braindead idiot decided that?

you ever just wake up and realize your stalker has graduated to a capital-S Stalker

on the list of things I never had any interest in hearing, John Cena ASMR was at the top of it. thanks Spotify.

I forgot to say last night but I am now officially halfway through the 50k goal for NaNo

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smh I wish I got the chance to get a physical copy of Oxenfree for the Switch

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I need to write like another 1100 words for NaNo today but I just wanna Dorf....

saw someone with Homestuck stuff in public and did NOT interact with them, because I love myself

Vriska got me to play Dwarf Fortress with her, my life is now over.

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