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I miss being able to hold the shoulder buttons to run in Animal Crossing

@chillallmen I said this on a post I just made but me and my gf don't use block lists for our instance. we block on a personal level. the instance is private, just for us, we can handle seeing the uglier side of the fediverse. not blocking an instance doesn't mean that we condone behavior from them.

@chillallmen can you untag me I have nothing to do with the FSE posts on here

do I need to like, put some kind of thing on our about page about how me and Vriska don't use block lists and do so on a personal level? I shouldn't have to explain this but... apparently I do

am I being fediverse cancelled for liking lizards

balancing a homebrew tabletop racing game is difficult

@tk playing that game at night, especially in the Ilex Forest, gives me such great nostalgia.

I am similarly going to suplex the Optifine guy, who has no transparency with the community and will go weeks without updates and not give any fucking reason why

gonna suplex the person who designs the Discord UI. shit keeps getting worse and worse

I still need to come in and see if I can completely redo Mastodon's UI just by CSS magic... the damn thing's totally locked to the full-width, full-height thing and there is no wiggle room for fuckery, and it pisses me off

I wanna change my entire wardrobe, but that costs money

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Lizards Live!

Lizards Live! was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.