here's a sneak peek at something I'm doing for @vriska , at the very least...

this is my new favorite image ever. fuck Mitt Romney doing Gangnam Style. 0/10 compared to "police robot told a woman reporting a crime to go away, and then sang a song". this is Real Comedy.

@mono I have this cat shirt I can't help but associate you with now because of your cat illustration avatar/posting

here's my drawing from last night: this is Redhead Drake, my mutant Hero main from me and Vriska's City of Heroes shenanigans! she punches good and eventually discovers a secondary, fire aura power after burning her hand on an barbecue grill, because she might not be as skilled of a superhero as she thinks she is.

I don't need any more attention to the one piece of fanfic I've published, this is all I need (click the damn pic Mastodon's auto-crop is fucking horrendous for wide images)

according to Child of Eden and Genki Rockets lore, Lumi was born on the International Space Station last week, on September 11th! SO HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO HER.

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Lizards Live! was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.