according to Child of Eden and Genki Rockets lore, Lumi was born on the International Space Station last week, on September 11th! SO HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO HER.

if you have played Lumines or No More Heroes (or even Child of Eden, duh) you have heard this song:

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Child of Eden's entire soundtrack is composed of remixes of various Genki Rockets songs. The founder of the band, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, was the game's director; he was also the producer of Rez, Tetris Effect, the Lumines series, and even the Space Channel series.

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A heavily-used factor in almost all of his games is the relationship between audio, visual, and tactile. He is heavily inspired by the concept of synesthesia, as well as live electronic music, which marries the three; this interest and inspiration of his led to the creation of Rez, and paved the way for his future titles.

Child of Eden is a direct prequel to Rez, in both gameplay, style, story, and even the name title itself, implying that Lumi came before/evolved into the rampant self-destructive AI, Eden, from Rez.

It doesn't have the same visual, vector-based, hard 90s tech style, but Rez is still very much apparent in the game (with many visual callbacks).

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okay that's enough infodumping and spamming the federated timeline with games from 2011 that nobody cares about anymore.

Play Rez/Child of Eden.

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