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gonna repost this over here since I moved accounts and all, and like to pin whatever I'm using as my avatar

I forgot to say last night but I am now officially halfway through the 50k goal for NaNo

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smh I wish I got the chance to get a physical copy of Oxenfree for the Switch

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I need to write like another 1100 words for NaNo today but I just wanna Dorf....

saw someone with Homestuck stuff in public and did NOT interact with them, because I love myself

Vriska got me to play Dwarf Fortress with her, my life is now over.

some stuff was good on Audio Video Disco but.... nothing, *nothing* comes as close as how fucking amazing Waters of Nazareth is.

every time I listen to Waters of Nazareth I just. feel bad for Justice because they peaked on their first album.

when I haven't been writing for NaNo, I've been playing RLCraft, and boy howdy, that shit is pointlessly hard

blurgh. been inactive due to novel writing and real life. x_x

there was a little girl who came by dressed as Mettaton, and it was ADORABLE. she literally went :o when I told her I was playing music from the game off my speakers and was shocked I even knew about it

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terezi godtiers 8ut instead of fairy wings she gets dragon wings

I'm still convinced the second game will never come out, even if it has a Steam page.

bruh they had like two years to work on Hiveswap Act 2, the least they could do is fucking show gameplay footage to make me actually believe the game is coming out

guess who can't take part in Halloween? it's meeeeeee, hoorayyyyyy.........

YouTube needs a feature that remembers your position in a playlist of videos, so that you don't have to scroll down the list

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