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gonna repost this over here since I moved accounts and all, and like to pin whatever I'm using as my avatar

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I miss being able to hold the shoulder buttons to run in Animal Crossing

do I need to like, put some kind of thing on our about page about how me and Vriska don't use block lists and do so on a personal level? I shouldn't have to explain this but... apparently I do

am I being fediverse cancelled for liking lizards

balancing a homebrew tabletop racing game is difficult

I am similarly going to suplex the Optifine guy, who has no transparency with the community and will go weeks without updates and not give any fucking reason why

gonna suplex the person who designs the Discord UI. shit keeps getting worse and worse

I still need to come in and see if I can completely redo Mastodon's UI just by CSS magic... the damn thing's totally locked to the full-width, full-height thing and there is no wiggle room for fuckery, and it pisses me off

I wanna change my entire wardrobe, but that costs money

here's a small pic dump of my New Horizons shit. I am currently entirely overhauling my island so I don't have much to show off

not dead. I appreciate all the cool people who talk to me on here. have an Ultimate Steve.

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I'm still alive, I swear. just vibing with New Horizons, mostly.

this is both a trans mood and also a "you fuckers are so weird, never acknowledge I exist" mood

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not being recognized by people from your high school twice in a row is the ultimate is ultimate validation

every time I see someone on Twitter mention Mastodon I break out into hives

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Lizards Live! was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.